Clara Bankier

Registered Massage Therapist

Available on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday


I believe that massage therapy is a key component in injury prevention, soft tissue rehabilitation, pain management, and general well being. I have always had a passion for health and wellness, which I have pursued in both my personal life and academic endeavors. I have successfully completed both my Bachelor degree in Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa in 2013, and the Massage Therapy Diploma program at the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy (VCMT) in 2018.

I love the challenge of combining my knowledge, manual skills, and passion for holistic wellness into personalized treatment plans that provide exceptional care for the diverse needs of each client. I enjoy using a combination of deep tissue massage, myofascial release therapy, trigger point therapy, joint mobilizations, and dynamic releases during my sessions. When I am not treating clients I spend my time taking my dog Jasper on adventures, tackling my fitness goals, and enjoying what beautiful BC has to offer.

Come meet my dog Jasper! He's a chihuahua and terrier cross that often accompanies me to work. He's a super friendly little dude who loves to nap in the corner quietly while you enjoy your treatment.


Read about our RMTs below to determine who may be a good fit for you.
Each therapist may have a different approach to your concerns, however, we strive to do our best to tailor the session to your needs.


Rebecca (Becky) Flanagan

Registered Massage Therapist, Urban Healing Owner/Founder

I have been in practice in Vancouver since 2009 after having graduated from West Coast College of Massage Therapy. I worked at the Massage and Therapy Center and at Jointworks Chiropractic before opening Urban Healing in 2013. I am so lucky to have a happy practice and that I get to work with a team of talent, amazing and hilarious professionals. I am leaning into a more management style role at Urban Healing, and will be tapering off my practice in the future. This means my availability is and will be very limited. I am confident you are in good hands with any of the RMTs and Physio at my clinic, please give them a chance to help you.

Diane Casteel

Registered Massage Therapist

Currently on an extended leave from practice. No sessions available at this time.

Jacqueline (Jacqui) Golsby

Registered Massage Therapist
Available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday


I am perceptive, energetic and knowledgeable and bring these qualities to each treatment I give. I really enjoy people and was drawn to massage therapy as a way to give others the ability to continue to move freely and do the things they love. Each treatment plan is tailored to the individual and involves assessment, treatment and home care.Since 2012, when I graduated from Utopia Academy of Vancouver (now known as VCMT), I have successfully treated and helped with muscle and nerve pain associated with chronic postural imbalance, MVA (motor vehicle accident) related soft tissue injuries, acute and chronic repetitive strains, chronic stress and tension, headaches, low back pain and neck pain, TMJ,  MS and other autoimmune diseases of our time. I listen well and welcome your feedback. My techniques include trigger point release, neuromuscular technique, CoAT (Course of Applied Tensegrity), myofascial release, joint play, Swedish, passive and active stretching, cross fibre friction and muscle energy technique. If you would like to know more about me, please visit my website  I look forward to meeting you!

"Pursue the obstacle, it will set you free" Mark Nepo

Registered Massage Therapist

Currently on an extended leave from practice. No sessions available at this time.

Stephania Johnson

Kristin Riley

Registered Massage Therapist

Available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday


Kristin has a special knack for treating upper back, neck and shoulder tension, but is also capable of relieving tight areas in your fascia and muscles elsewhere in the body.

Her treatment style entails stretching out the outer layer (myofascia) then proceeding to work thru the layers of muscles by using firm to deep pressure while being patient over stubborn knots. Her sessions feel intuitively targeted, intense yet relaxing.

She likes to raise her clients awareness towards old injuries, stress triggers that lead to holding patterns and or long term postural habits that may have landed her clients to attain their chronic conditions, so that is why she ONLY does focused based treatments compared to full body massage.

Her dog Cookie comes to work with her, she is a Newfie cross who is a gentle giant and very chill.  Cookie is generally aloof but she doesn't mind if you say hi.

Outside of work Kristin can be found hiking in the woods with Cookie, playing soccer, thrift store shopping, craft fair hopping and taking various workshops to do with health, healing practices and mind, body and spirit.

***Please note that Kristin does not offer pregnancy massage, so please be sure to book with the other very competent therapists in the pregnancy treatment category online.

Kelly Hamilton

Registered Massage Therapist
Available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday


I graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2002, and have been practicing in Vancouver since then.  I really enjoy my job of working with people to help them achieve their health goals. An important part of my approach is to identify why pain or disfunction is happening in the body. This is done through physical assessment as well as asking a lot of questions. Understanding how a person uses their body on a daily basis is often the key to identifying why pain is occurring or why it persists.

Hands-on treatment and self-care methods are selected to achieve the best results tailored to each individual. Treatments include smooth and comfortable Swedish strokes as well as fascial techniques, and any appropriate variety of stretching, joint mobilizations, trigger point release and muscle energy techniques. The intensity of the treatment is directed by the patient. Conditions that I have experience treating include headaches, neck and back pain, whiplash injuries, shoulder injuries, numbness and tingling in the hands, plantar fasciitis, post-surgery, and pregnancy.

Tara Foster

Registered Massage Therapist
Available on Saturday


Tara Foster, RMT graduated at the top of her class from Sutherland Chan School and Teaching Clinic, 2010, in Toronto. Her treatments incorporate myofascial techniques that progress into focused massage with Trigger-point release while including fluid, flushing strokes. Her intentions are to slowly unwind and release myofascial restrictions in muscle and connective tissue. She is knowledgeable and precise with low back issues, hips, and the neck. She also enjoys working with expectant mothers. Tara tailors her treatments and depth of pressure specifically to the individual needs of the client.

She has a passion for continuing education and assisting you in the repair, realignment and return to balance in your body. Massage therapy has become an important component in maintaining health and proper function due to the stresses of our daily lives.

Ilan "Lani" Dinur

Registered Massage Therapist
Available on Thursday


Ilan (mostly known as Lani) Dinur, has been in private practice since 1995 and has worked in both Vancouver and Surrey throughout the past 18 years. Over this time he has taken many enrichment courses ranging from Deep Systemic Massage to Cranial Sacral Therapy along with subtle Myofascial Release. His practice and style of treatment has evolved and now usually includes components of  energetic treatments to add another dimension to the more physical aspects of the body ordinarily addressed with massage therapy. The energetic portion of his work allows him to target many conditions that helps balance aspects of the body and restores a sense of well being.

Since his diagnosis with diabetes 10 years ago he has developed a special interest in nutrition and natural remedies to improve health. Although Lani relies heavily on his intuition and knowledge to select a specific approach and techniques for the treatment, he is aware that the body knows what's best for itself and therefore he encourages patients to specify what kind of treatment they are interested in.

He welcomes cooperation with other practitioners with other set of skills in order to utilizes everyone's best strengths and talent. His clients range form high performance athletes, chronic pain sufferers, people with migraines and concussions, seniors with aging-related issues and kids with ADHD and anxiety.

Rebecca "Bex" Stanke

Registered Massage Therapist

Available on Sunday 

I graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in Victoria and have been practicing as a massage therapist in Vancouver since 2011. I worked at Catalyst Integrative Health for over four years before joining Urban Healing. I completed my Bachelor of Health Science degree in 2015 and as of September 2016 I will be in the Master of Occupational Therapy program at UBC. I continue to enjoy the role I am able to have in my clients’ health and plan to maintain my practice as RMT throughout these new pursuits. I am very excited to further develop my skills and knowledge within this new career as an OT. 

In my treatment room, as well as in the community, I am dedicated to creating a safe, anti-oppressive space for people of all genders, sizes, cultures and identities. As a queer person, I am committed to providing a comfortable, low-barrier health option to transgender and gender non-conforming individuals. I incorporate various techniques in to my massage treatments, including myofascial release, trigger point release, deep tissue and Swedish massage. I believe consent is paramount throughout treatment and I work with my clients to ensure I provide a desired and effective amount of pressure. Please feel free to contact me is you have any questions about my massage treatments. 

When I’m not working or studying I can be found cycling around town, dancing with my friends or enjoying a fine craft beer.

Please email for more info!

Ray Ranger

Registered Massage Therapist

Available on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Since graduating from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy in 2010, I have learned so much about the human body, and am humbled by the fact that there is so much more to know. Being an RMT has made it possible for me to work with clients in a healing environment to help them reconnect with their bodies, as well as become a huge nerd about anatomy.

My treatment style is intuitive and focused. Since everyone has their own unique way of being in their body, I try not to stick to a specific recipe, but let my hands feel what the tissue needs. Being mindful and having a holistic approach to treatment is quite important in my practice. The blend of techniques I use most often are: Myofascial Release, Swedish, CranioSacral, Trigger Point Release and Visceral Manipulation.

Feedback, positive or negative, is something I welcome. The treatment time is for you. If you need a pillow adjusted, a change in pressure, or the music turned off, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Homecare recommendations might include yoga poses, breathing exercises, or being mindful of how you are holding your body throughout the day. I’ve worked with a variety of different people and conditions, and welcome new challenges. As a part of the queer, trans and body positive community, I strive to make my practice safe and consent based.

When I'm not at work, I can be found: playing with my dog, knitting or embroidering a project, practicing ASL or learning how to swing dance. 


Sachiell Ricketts

Registered Massage Therapist

Available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Sachiell graduated from the 3000 hour program at the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy in 2014.  

She has experience working with many conditions including headaches, postural dysfunction, overuse injuries, scar tissue, digestive conditions, pre & postnatal, common musculoskeletal conditions, neurological disorders, sports injuries and chronic pain and stress management.

Sachiell understands that each person is unique and so uses a variety of techniques to achieve treatment goals. These include: myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, Swedish massage, passive and active stretching, and trigger point therapy. She encourages patients to take an active role in their health and takes time at the end of each treatment to provide individualized stretches and strengthening exercises that will aid in recovery and prevention.

Steven Finnegan

Registered Massage Therapist

Available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

A graduate from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy, I am a strong believer in the restorative and therapeutic power of massage and incorporate balance, rhythm and integration in my approach. Each treatment is tailored to the client ́s specific needs and you can expect a safe, relaxing and therapeutic experience.

I use slow, soothing strokes interspersed with more vigorous techniques (NMT, Trigger point therapy, cross fiber frictions) to treat common musculoskeletal problems such as neck/shoulder pain, back pain, sciatica, TOS, CTS, strains, sprains etc. Headaches and other chronic conditions are also commonly treated.

Born in Ireland, my love of travel took me to the Pacific Northwest, where I have called Vancouver home for the last seven years. When not treating, I enjoy percussion, snowboarding, running, photography, traveling and hiking. Though not all at the same time.

Registered Massage Therapist

Available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

Becoming a Registered Massage Therapist was the next logical step in my life. I have always been intrigued by the way the body works and the first step I took in the direction of health care was with the kinesiology program at UBC. I completed my 1st year before I became drawn to the joys of travelling and decided to dedicate a few years to exploring other countries and cultures. I eventually found my way to the yoga mat and completed my yoga teacher training in 2008, but I still craved to learn more...

My education at the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy provided me with a knowledge about the body and with the skills to develop a safe, nurturing, yet effective massage therapy practice. I am truly excited about my career path.

My treatments involve the use of different techniques to help release tension, decrease pain and improve movement. I like to work with the various aspects of the body, including (but not limited to) the muscles, joints, fascia and the nervous system. Your treatment will be determined by a brief assessment which will allow me to better understand your needs and goals. More questions? Send me an email:  jleclair.rmt @

Looking forward to meeting you and helping you feel better in your body!

Jessica Leclair 

Sid Hawkins

Registered Massage Therapist

Available Sundays, by request.

My approach to healing work involves a deep gratitude for the ways in which our bodies have developed around our limitations, even though it is these patterns that typically bring us into the treatment room. I see my role as a facilitator in the process toward deeper connection and embodiment. It’s no easy task being in a body. We live in a world where we are encouraged to be disconnected from ourselves/each other/the earth and i believe it is a powerful, subversive act to develop relationship to self.

For myself, moving toward my own body began when I started practicing yoga in 1999. Since then I have been a typical gemini, dabbling here and there and learning various things along the way, until my hands discovered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. Game changer. I completed a 2.5 year indepth training in Portland in 2012 and have been practicing since then. This work transformed (and continues to) my relationship to my body, my compensatory patterns, my family and community. Becoming an RMT has greatly deepened my knowledge and respect for the body, as well and allowed me access to a whole host of tools for assisting each individual’s healing journey. I am grateful for the excellent education I at Vancouver College of Massage Therapy.

I bring deep ethical commitments to my practice.  My work is relational, and I value making room for the sacred and works towards modelling healing justice. As a member of the queer and trans community, it is my goal to offer a safe space for all genders, bodies and backgrounds. Ongoing consent and communication about the treatment is part of how I work toward safety during session work.  My treatments incorporate a variety of techniques including myofascial  release, craniosacral therapy, muscle energy technique, deep tissue and swedish massage. I do enjoy working together to create a sustainable and accessible home care plan.

When I am not at work, you can find me cycling, hanging with pals, thinking of creative ways to smash patriarchy, making delicious foods, reading and tending to my house plants.

If you’d like to read more about Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and the work that I do, please visit my website:

Michelle Range

Registered Massage Therapist

Available on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Michelle is a graduate from The Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. Through this program she was exposed to many conditions and ailments in treating the patients at the school and as an area of interest, she researched and wrote a dissertation on the positive effects of massage therapy in helping manage irritable bowel syndrome. She gained a lot of valuable experience and was given an award of distinction from the Massage Therapists&Association of BC.Aside for this area of interest, she is keen on addressing musculoskeletal conditions and massage for overall health. Her patients have described her treatments as relaxing but effective – with the right amount of pressure and a variety of techniques/modalities employed. Some of these techniques and modalities include Swedish massage, myofascial release, trigger point release, joint mobilizations, active & passive stretching, and sports massage.With a background in yoga and Thai yoga massage, Michelle adds an interesting flow and holistic approach to her treatments.

Introducing Leroy, your new best friend!

Leroy loves meeting new people and will likely greet you at the door when you come for your appointment. He is a small Jack Russell and Chihuahua mix who just turned 2 this year and acts likes a toddler sometimes! He will be coming into the treatment room with us and quietly chews his toys or takes a nap in his bed.I can safely say that Leroy looks forward to meeting you!

Brian Pahl

Registered Massage Therapist

Available on Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday

My goal is always to communicate effectively with patients to ensure their goals are aligned with the actual outcome of the treatment, and co-creating comprehensive treatment plans with patients based on their desired outcomes. My approach to massage therapy is intuitive and based on a solid understanding of anatomy, physiology and effective treatment techniques to promote whole-body wellness. Each treatment is as unique as the person receiving it and treatments will be readily adjusted to meet any need or request. I am a strong believer that each individual knows themself best and I gratefully welcome patients’ guidance to what feels right to ensure a feeling of safety, security and relaxation.

I use a variety of techniques during my treatments, some of which include myofascial release, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapy, joint mobilizations, deep tissue and Swedish techniques, and blending them smoothly together to address specific complaints, or just to create a wonderfully soothing and relaxing massage. I welcome people of all backgrounds, body types and lifestyles with an open mind and heart as I have a deep respect for individual circumstances, treating all patients with equality and compassion.

In my downtime, I enjoy playing the viola as I am passionate about music, having been classically trained since early childhood. Otherwise, I also enjoy being an outdoorsy person and can be frequently found hiking, scuba diving, or cycling.

Kristina Pawlyshyn

Registered Massage Therapist

Available on Sunday, Monday, Friday, and Saturday

Kristina graduated from Vancouver College of Massage Therapy, and was the proud recipient for the “Heart Award” in her graduating class. The Heart Award is given to a graduate who has shown compassion, integrity, dedication and a positive attitude throughout their clinical performance; which is exactly what she intends to bring to her practice. 

Throughout her time in school, Kristina has treated conditions such as carpal tunnel, facet irritation, scoliosis, SI irritation, nerve compression, postural dysfunction, muscle strains, musculoskeletal conditions and many more. She gained experience in the school clinic, often filling her appointment slots in advance, and enjoyed volunteering her time at various organizations helping clients in need. Kristina has also worked with pregnancy, chronic pain syndromes, headaches, and rehabilitation injuries. 

In all of Kristina’s treatments you can expect to receive a warm presence, client oriented goals for your session, and energetically intuitive hands. To achieve your goals, Kristina will use a variety of modalities such as Swedish techniques, Craniosacral, Myofascial release, Joint Mobilizations and Trigger point release. 

In trusting Kristina with your body and presence, you will be treated with respect, professionalism and compassion in all of your sessions.

Kristina and her dog Lucy look forward to meeting you.